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Arimi Uploads


★//☆ Arimi Uploads ☆//★
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☂ About...

This is my personal archive for the stuff I like and want to share with everybody.

Trying to find a good place to upload my file after MegaUpload was shut down. I don't provide mirrors. Sorry.
☂ Kaze no Mukou e...

...is a song by Arashi

It makes me feel good and full of energy. And well, Arashi are the center of my life right now, so the sentence Ame no mukou de kaze no mukou de niji ga kakatteiru (Beyond the rain, beyond the wind, there's a rainbow) means a lot to me (Arashi = RAINBOW).
☂ Affiliates...

arashi_bangumi - Reviews of Arashi TV programs
sutekihanashi - My fanfiction
☂ Credits...

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